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  • We share our knowledge and expertise.

  • We share jobs and opportunities with our colleagues and professional networks.

  • We invite others to join us.

  • We share our successes and wins.

  • We help startups and early-stage companies succeed!

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A-1 Opportunities Testimonials

"Very cool!"

- Gail (Bowman) Wilkinson,
Managing Partner, VITALIZE Venture Capital
Chicago, IL

"This is a key area for us that adds tremendous value."

- Jaco Burger,
VP, Innovation, Volta Effect
Halifax, NS

A-1 Opportunities

Why are you providing this service?
To help startups and early-stage companies succeed.

How are you able to offer this service at such a low price?
We have partners, sponsors and affiliate relationships who make this initiative possible.

Who is leading this?
Randy Shawn Fisher, a business advisor and marketing expert. Randy has worked with 75+ startups in the US, Canada and globally. He is originally from Canada, and now lives in Somerset, New Jersey.